Why us

Growing by playing

At the kindergarten “House of Stories” the development of an independent, perceptive and creative personality is the main basis of education.  Here, we grow and improve through play. Contemporary early education psychologists and education experts consider play to be an essential activity for preschool children. There are many things that can be taught, but it is especially important to develop these human qualities, that help to form the child’s personality from an early age.

Educational Philosophy

Learning through play – our philosophy

Little story tellers learn to control their behaviour, feelings and desires only when they are engaged in motivational and enjoyable activities – such as play. Of course, all children engage in play at kindergartens, however our approach is different. Children at House of Stories engage in purposeful play that helps them to develop specific skills.

Narrative play (story-telling play) is a rich storehouse of opportunities. It consists of imaginative collective role-playing activity where the children create a common story line together with a specially trained teacher. The story becomes an excellent medium to explore life and its meaning. Unlike regular play, narrative play sets children on their educational journey.

Narrative play is also a social activity involving two or more participants, and which takes place in an imaginary space. It is creative and non-stereotypical, e.g. rescuing rabbits from their house which is on fire. It evolves in time, is challenging and based on a specific plot. It is very important that the heroes at play interpret, improvise and reshape events in their own way. Here, the personal attitude of the child itself is vitally important.

Play such as the above helps to develop general abilities useful in later life – such as creativity, motivation, imagination, self-regulation, grit, desire and controlling emotions. Having mastered the format of stories, children learn to tell stories and to express their thoughts and worldview.

The power of stories

Every game has a story; and as individuals each takes what they need from the basic storyline. The idea to establish House of Stories and its unique LOGO emerged from how children play, and how they create stories from the things they love to do. In our House the teetotum that has become a symbol of childhood is ever-present. Circus tents and perhaps silhouettes of carnival masks enter into a world of fantasy and entertainment. Each story, like the next page of a book, leads us toward new skills.

You see, it’s about the journey of friendship, respect and love, which we all experience. That’s what the House of Stories kindergarten is – a place where children can play house and grow individually, each finding their own unique path.

Children learn life skills when they play together, which transforms into life-long learning.