Our staff

Giedrė Sujetaitė-Volungevičienė

Psychologist, founder of kindergarten

If someone were to ask me when I feel the greatest joy, I would reply without hesitation that it’s when I play with children.
To me, this is an infinite source of inspiration and the most meaningful activity there could be.
I feel privileged to share knowledge gained through my studies at the Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, as well as at Oxford Brookes University. I am happy to discuss my ideas on early childhood development and the education of self-regulation through unstructured play. I am also delighted to have the opportunity to develop the practical experience of the application of narrative play, which I acquired during many years of activity in the Play Research Laboratory.
Together we will play, experience adventure and grow!

Aistė Zdanavičienė

Kindergarten Manager

We play with our friends, which is why House of Stories helps to establish and grow friendships through the telling of beautiful stories.
Before joining this project, I worked in the field of finance, but following the birth of my first son I soon realised the importance of the immediate environment in the development of a child’s personal qualities.
House of Stories is a kindergarten based on a great and meaningful idea. I’m happy that I can be part of it and able to join in creating a real home for kids – a place where kids want to go and return to, and where many little and big friends are waiting to be discovered.

Audronė Palšytė

Spatial Education Teacher

Sometimes, it’s enough just to sit on the ground and consider our surroundings through the eyes of a child. Emerging thoughts and ideas become a great source of inspiration for play and the emergence of each personality.
Out there we encounter a big, wide world of spatial and architectural creativity. Having studied the impact of the preschool education environment on a child’s education, I realised that a child can be an active creator and can surprise us with the most unexpected solutions.
That’s why it’s vital that the immediate physical environment surrounding a child inspires them to play and create. I believe in the creative power of every child and I look forward to going on an endless adventure with them.

Children learn life skills when they play together, which transforms into life-long learning.