and growing together

Children learn life skills when they play together, which transforms into life-long learning.

Child’s play – about us

At House of Stories we nurture pre-school children through play. Early childhood psychologists and educators consider play to be an essential activity to promote emotional and psychological development.

We think play is the best way for young minds to learn to better understand and manage their behaviour, their feelings and their needs, as well as support independent growth.

Children love to play – and children love stories. The skills learned through play help to activate lifelong education and learning, and offer young minds and bodies opportunities to grow.

At House of Stories kindergarten we think that’s our biggest treasure. We invite you to meet and discover the joy of learning through play.

Learning something new through our September adventures

Child’s play – we think it’s the perfect teacher. Everywhere you look, the world around us offers so many possibilities to learn something new. Our September activities are organised thematically; we use different spaces and methods to help children make sense of their world.

Activities in an art space

A workshop with an artist: painting with paints, pencils, aquarelle. Initiation of the House of Stories: we begin to create our own gallery.

Learning to say goodbye

We play games that help us to understand that separation is a passing phase. We talk about feelings and discuss them, acknowledging them and name them.

Spinning spider-webs, building connections

We use various materials and methods to build spider-webs. We learn to understand the joy in having the freedom to build.

The spider’s wedding

Borrowing from the world of books we read and discuss the nursery rhyme, “The Spider’s Wedding”. Everyone is given a role to play and then we act our own stories and learn to be strong.

Family day photo album

We work with our photographer to create a family album. The children discover why photos are so important and how they help us to grow in love and friendship. We feel close to the families of forest-dwellers, enjoy time spent with nature, and learn that all creatures deserve respect.


Mushrooms, fruits, vegetables, cereals and other autumn goodies! We go looking for them, we taste them, we guess where they are hiding, how they grow and why they are so important to us. We use narrative play to have lots of fun pulling a big turnip from out of the soil. Harvest helps us to understand the value of friendship and friends, and why helping others is a vital part of life.

‘Clothes’ of the animals

So many creatures, so many animals, and so many different ways they cover themselves! We wake up our senses by touching and exploring lots of different surfaces. We understand what is rough, soft, cool or smooth. We discuss the importance of an animal’s coat and why it changes in the autumn.

What to wear?

We use different materials to create our own clothes, measure them, and role play wearing them. We learn to understand feelings when we look different from others.

Children learn life skills when they play together, which transforms into life-long learning.